Friday, October 2, 2009

Avery Olivia is here!

Avery Olivia Moran arrived September 26,2009 at 5:22 am after a quick labor and delivery.

The Story:

I started having cramps Friday during the day and didnt really think much about it. I just went about my day. I asked Kristie to stay with me that night because I just really didnt feel "right". Sean and Mrs.Cathy (MIL) went and saw Ron White and I was contracting the whole time they were gone. They got home around 9:30 and I was still cramping. Sean got called in and had to run to work. Kristie and I went to bed and I was up and down cramping all night long. Finally at 3:00 I got up and got in the tub.. within 20 minutes I was just not feeling any better so I called Sean and he said.. call the dr just to be careful.. so I did... he said why dont you come on in and get checked out.. I got out of the tub and started straightening my hair.. OMG the cramps got so bad! I was on the floor on all fours begging it to stop. Poor Kristie had to drive me to the hospital. Finally we left and took Speed to MIL's. We pulled up at her house and I had to get out of the car and get on all 4's to make the pain lighten up. She instructed me to "GET BACK IN THE CAR AND GO"! LOL! Made it to the hospital at 4:01 they sent me directly upstairs. Got in the room and got checked I was fully effaced 6cm dialated and a bulging bag. I got some IV fluids and screamed (LOL! good stuff) through the ctx's. Got my epi after 2 tries (I told the dr to pull it out 1/2 way through because I am crazy! LOL!) I layed back down at 5:00 and they checked me.. I was complete and she was RIGHT THERE! Sean walked in by this point. Thank God he made it! I was so scared he was not going to make it! I got to see the kids real quick and then it was show time... they said lets try a practice push.. I did.. they said STOP.. I did! I was not allowed to do ANYTHING sneeze, cough, laugh.. NADA! Finally the dr came in and it was show time.. Thank God he came when he did because she just came out.. no pushing or anything! She had a true knot in her cord. And in hindsight that makes me so nervous but she is perfect! And that is all that matters! We are so blessed to have her and I am completely in love.. so are the kids! Speed lies to hug her and push her away. Skyler and Brooklyn just want to hold her all the time! It is so sweet!


HaydenMaddox said...

YAY!!!! Miss Avery Olivia has come! I was looking at your main pic and Speed looks soooo young in that picture! Our kids are growing up way too fast