Friday, October 2, 2009

Avery Olivia is here!

Avery Olivia Moran arrived September 26,2009 at 5:22 am after a quick labor and delivery.

The Story:

I started having cramps Friday during the day and didnt really think much about it. I just went about my day. I asked Kristie to stay with me that night because I just really didnt feel "right". Sean and Mrs.Cathy (MIL) went and saw Ron White and I was contracting the whole time they were gone. They got home around 9:30 and I was still cramping. Sean got called in and had to run to work. Kristie and I went to bed and I was up and down cramping all night long. Finally at 3:00 I got up and got in the tub.. within 20 minutes I was just not feeling any better so I called Sean and he said.. call the dr just to be careful.. so I did... he said why dont you come on in and get checked out.. I got out of the tub and started straightening my hair.. OMG the cramps got so bad! I was on the floor on all fours begging it to stop. Poor Kristie had to drive me to the hospital. Finally we left and took Speed to MIL's. We pulled up at her house and I had to get out of the car and get on all 4's to make the pain lighten up. She instructed me to "GET BACK IN THE CAR AND GO"! LOL! Made it to the hospital at 4:01 they sent me directly upstairs. Got in the room and got checked I was fully effaced 6cm dialated and a bulging bag. I got some IV fluids and screamed (LOL! good stuff) through the ctx's. Got my epi after 2 tries (I told the dr to pull it out 1/2 way through because I am crazy! LOL!) I layed back down at 5:00 and they checked me.. I was complete and she was RIGHT THERE! Sean walked in by this point. Thank God he made it! I was so scared he was not going to make it! I got to see the kids real quick and then it was show time... they said lets try a practice push.. I did.. they said STOP.. I did! I was not allowed to do ANYTHING sneeze, cough, laugh.. NADA! Finally the dr came in and it was show time.. Thank God he came when he did because she just came out.. no pushing or anything! She had a true knot in her cord. And in hindsight that makes me so nervous but she is perfect! And that is all that matters! We are so blessed to have her and I am completely in love.. so are the kids! Speed lies to hug her and push her away. Skyler and Brooklyn just want to hold her all the time! It is so sweet!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life Lately...

So I have been a horrible blogger! Summer has taken my by storm and with 3 kids at home and a hubby to take care of I am usually beat by the end of the day... add to that being preggo.. I am exhausted!
So here it goes:
Speed burnt his hand at a friends BBQ.. his Daddy was watching him and he is a little too fast for him. He ran and grabbed the BBQ Pit lid and got 2nd degree burns. We had to take him to the burn unit at the genral but am happy to report that he is fine now!

Blister before they popped it: No after it was popped that day because I almost passed out at this point!

All Bandaged up for Fathers Day 1 week later!

Kristie and I took the kids to the mall just to get out of the house.. they had these jumping things and Brooklyn fell in love! Speed not as much! LOL!

Fathers Day... We had a really nice Fathers Day. The Saturday before we went out to dinner with my parents and grandmother to TJ Ribs.. Yummy! Then that Sunday morning Brooklyn and I made him breakfast in bed. Then we went to MIL's for a BBQ! Sean had a great fathers day.. he got an air condition for the "man cave" (post and pics of that to come! LOL) and tickets to Ron White! Pretty good if I do say so myself!

The kids swimming at Maw Maws for Fathers Day!

Sean chasing Speed around like a good Dad on Fathers Day! :)

I signed Skyler up for VBS at church and this is from his end of the week program! He had fun!He would have rathered LSU baseball camp though.. but that will wait for next year! Can you tell by his enthusiasm!

Sean and the kiddos at Bass Pro. They got baby ducks and Speed was in love with them!
Speed at LASM! We had a DCT outing there and the big kids went in to go see a planeterium show with Tikkie and Mrs.Teresa. Me and Speed hung out and played!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!

So I have been sucking at blogging lately! I have some stuff I am working on and hopefully I will find the time to work on it this week!

As for our 4th.. We have not done squat! LOL! Me and Speed got up early (after he had been up all night!) And hung out and waited for the big kids to come home from Maw Maws... they arrived around Noon and our house became a mad house again! Then we got Sean up and headed to the grocery store! Bought some steaks and mac and cheese and other good food! We came home and baked cookies and decorated them. Then ate a great dinner.. and now ready to head to bed!

So that was our 4th!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sleeping Kids and More

Skyler fell asleep on the couch the other night.. he was worn out from having a friend over for 4 days and nights straight. He looked so cute.. so I decided to take pics of the kids sleeping!

And YES Brooklyn does still take a bottle at night.. I had her off the bottle but her Nana gives it to her and has told her to throw a fit for it! So I figure if it destroys her teeth... we will mail the bill to her Nana! Speed fell asleep on the couch sideways the other night.. he climbed up there with his bottle and passed out!

Then pics from Brooklyns Tee Ball teams party!

Lastly... Skylers cousin Sammy came and stayed the night with us and they
decided to pull out the sprinkler and play!

Speed wanted to go out and play too! But it was too hot for him! So he cheesed it up and then watched from the window!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sprinkler Fun

So I have been slacking in the blogging department! We have had alot of things going on lately! Brooklyn had her "graduation" my camera had dead batteries so no pics! MIL and my mom took some so I will get them from them to post! Skyler also "graduated" to 2nd grade! He missed his program because he fell off his sisters bike and hurt himself and then started throwing up blood so he was admitted to the hospital for observation and a surgical consult! Thank God we did not need it! Then we got my parents moved into a big fine house all the way out in BFE (I mean Walker)! LOL!

But onto the sprinkler fun! Speeds 1st time playing in the sprinkler! Pardon Brooklyns swim suit.. she refused to wear any other kind! LOL!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Avery Olivia Moran

Let me officially introduce Misss. Avery Olivia Moran! Here she is at 19 weeks and 3 days... These are pics of pics.. so they suck! LOL! But you get the point!


Skyler bought some fake mustaches and Speed and Skyler both put them on and were was too cute!

And Lastly... My kiddos at Dreams Come True Mothers Day Tea along with another St.Jude and DCT member Lainey!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

So yesterday my sister Kim and I decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with shopping and lunch out with the kiddos... we had a blast and I spent way too much $$! But got some great deals! LOL!

My redneck children! They took off outside while I was cooking dinner! I went outside to make them come back in.. and this is what I found! Atleast Brooklyn has her bow in! LOL!